Economics 101

By Slow Dad - November 27, 2016

Ray Dalio started Bridgewater Associates, who manage over USD$150bn. This 30 minute video he produced provides an overview of how the economy works.
This 30 minute video provides a pretty good overview of how the economy works.

It was made by a guy named Ray Dalio, who knows a thing or two about economics.

How the Economic Machine works

Dalio started Bridgewater Associates 40+ years ago. At the time of writing Bridgewater ran hedge funds that had USD$150+ billion under management. It would be fair to say had made him financially independent.

To give credit where credit is due, Bridgewater's funds have a very respectable performance track record and Dalio certainly knows what he is talking about. However I think their fees are very steep, according to Fortune in 2009 they were in the order of 2% of assets and 20% of profits! Those fees have helped him become a self made billionaire several times over.

Personally I'll let apathy win out, and stick with my passive index funds.

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