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Wednesday Wordsmiths: 2017-01-11

To help you mentally escape your commuter hell, here is the week’s collection of great reads from around the web.
Escape to your happy place with Wednesday Wordsmiths
A soul-destroying commute can suck the joy out of life.

Sardined on an overcrowded commuter train, gridlocked on the road to nowhere, or riding the bus while attempting to ignore that crazy old lady talking to her groceries… you are as far as can be from your “happy place”.

To help you mentally escape your commuter hell, here is this week’s collection of great reads from around the web.

Compare the UK’s cheapest online brokers

The team at Monevator have updated their fantastic UK broker comparison table, doing much of the hard work so you don’t have to.

Why “Earn More” vs. “Save More” is the Wrong Debate.

Paula Pant argues that focussing on growing the gap between earnings and spending will achieve financial independence much more effectively than focussing solely on what you earn or what you spend.

Financial Independence: The Journey AND The Destination.

Miss Mazuma presents a beautifully written piece about ensuring those on the journey towards Financial Independence enjoying the ride. If they don’t they are missing half the fun.

A third of apartment cranes in banks’ ‘blacklisted’ areas.

In intriguing method of evaluating where in the property cycle a city is. The article plots the locations of construction cranes on a map displaying where lenders see evidence of mortgage distress. Where there are loads of cranes in the black spots it suggests a looming oversupply problem.

How to get more enjoyment from the time available.

Ross Gittins writes about a study suggesting ways to make ourselves feel less rushed, which in tun makes us feel happier.

What my calendar looks like.

Jason Fried posted a thought provoking piece about being busy versus getting things done.

The 36 things I look at when evaluating a property purchase

Rob Dix details the key things he looks for when evaluating a potential investment property.

So what?

If you've finished all those and you still haven't reached the end of your commute then you really need to rethink your priorities! In case you missed it, here is one final recommendation for this week: A FIRE blanket spouse


Miss Mazuma said...

You are so right...a crappy commute can ruin thebsyary (or end) of your day. Make the list of the time by reading (if you're not driving!) or listening (so many great podcasts for you drivers!) to something that inspires. Thanks for including me in this list!! Looks like I have some more reading to do. :)

PS - I'm commenting again because I'm not sure the first went through! :)

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