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Wednesday Wordsmiths: 2017-01-18

To help you mentally escape your commuter hell, here is the week’s collection of great reads from around the web.
Escape to your happy place with Wednesday Wordsmiths
A soul-destroying commute can suck the joy out of life.

Sardined on an overcrowded commuter train, gridlocked on the road to nowhere, or riding the bus while attempting to ignore that crazy old lady talking to her groceries… you are as far as can be from your “happy place”.

To help you mentally escape your commuter hell, here is this week’s collection of great reads from around the web.

Dreaming the Dream

An honest and thought provoking post from the Sex Health Money Death blog about the potential issues newly minted retirees face adjusting to life out of the work force. After a year of struggling to fill in his daylight hours, the author returned to the ranks of the gainfully employed.

I’m now ready to FIRE

Retirement Investing Today discusses the difference between being financially able to retire and mentally ready to do so. It is amazing how another lap through the annual performance target setting process sharpens the readiness!

The Inevitable Often Takes Way Longer To Happen Than You Might Think

Venture capitalist Fred Wilson discusses how inevitable does not necessarily mean the immediate.

This is timely advice given driverless cars will "inevitably" end the need for taxi and truck drivers, free online education will "inevitably" end the need for teachers and lecturers, and robo-advisors will "inevitably" kill off generalist financial planners. Long term these predictions probably will come true, but there remains plenty of time for people currently working those jobs to make a plan B.

The Ultimate Guide to Safe Withdrawal Rates

EarlyRetirementNow has written a fascinating series of articles that calls bullshit on the so-called 4% "Safe" Withdrawal Rate. They don't make for light reading, but you're efforts will be rewarded by a deep understanding of some of the limitations and shortcomings of this widely held FIRE community belief.

Financial Independence versus Financial Freedom

A great post from PoF highlighting the important difference between having "enough" to be Financially Independent and being comfortable. Steak dinners and holidaying in the south of France would require "enough plus a bit more", than say enjoying fish and chips in a caravan park in Essex. Everyone likes fish and chips, but having the means to splurge every now and again makes life all that more enjoyable.

Overcoming Bandwidth Woes...

Daniel Saffioti isn't a man who takes no for an answer. When his local broadband provider refused to connect his house to the network, he built his own network! Taking this kind of initiative in the face of rejection can be applied to all areas of our lives, including our finances.

When Is It OK To Forsake Stealth Wealth And Spend Up?

Sam Dogan presents an entertaining post about learning to recognise when you have "enough", and ensuring you start to enjoy yourself once you do.

How to get a pension of £20,000 by the time you retire

The BBC ran a story looking at the monthly savings requirements required to achieve a given level of pension income. The interesting point was just how quickly the amount a person needed to save each month increased depending on the age they got started. Granted most people aren't going to rush out and buy an annuity like the article assumes, but it does provide a powerful example of compounding interest at work.
Contributions needed to get a £30,000 income by retirement.
Image credit: BBC News

So what?

If you've finished all those and you still haven't reached the end of your commute then you really need to rethink your priorities! In case you missed it, here is one final recommendation for this week: Live a life of luxurious frugality


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