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Wednesday Wordsmiths: 2017-01-25

To help you mentally escape your commuter hell, here is the week’s collection of great reads from around the web.
Escape to your happy place with Wednesday Wordsmiths
A soul-destroying commute can suck the joy out of life.

Sardined on an overcrowded commuter train, gridlocked on the road to nowhere, or riding the bus while attempting to ignore that crazy old lady talking to her groceries… you are as far as can be from your “happy place”.

To help you mentally escape your commuter hell, here is this week’s collection of great reads from around the web.

The Pros And Cons Of Early Retirement

The Onion takes a satirical look at the pros and cons of Early Retirement.

Exchange traded funds: taking over the markets

The FT published an interesting article that discusses the differences in tax treatments for capital gains within ETFs between Europe and the US. In the US an investor only incurs a capital gain when they sell the ETF itself, while in Europe the FT states investors incur capital gains/losses whenever the ETF rebalances its portfolio!

Authers’ Note: Excessively Traded Funds

John Authers and Jack Bogle discuss the significant difference between fund returns and investor returns, and how one of the most attractive features of ETFs (liquidity) may be harming investor returns due to over trading. Given Bloomberg reported that in 2016 more ETFs were traded than individual stocks, this would appear to be true.

The Ultimate Guide to Safe Withdrawal Rates – Part 6: A 2000-2016 case study

EarlyRetirementNow is back to take another swing at the safe the 4% "safe" withdrawal rate really is.

Geographic Arbitrage, or Why the Great Plains are Great

PoF has produced the best write up of the Geographic Arbitrage concept I've seen, demonstrating with heat maps just how your choice of living location can make or break your journey towards FIRE. The picture he paints was almost enough to make me want to become a doctor... except for the whole needing to be smart, and the dealing with sick people, and the being on call all the time, and having to spend 12 years at university to get qualified.

Want to retire in your 30s? Cool! Here’s how I did it

Steve wrote an interesting post discussing just how beneficial it is for parents to teach their kids about finances, and how choosing a career for the money rather than the love of the job will likely see you achieve Financial Independence much sooner... if you can stick it out. It certainly paid off for him!

None of This Feels Real

Ms ONL discusses the abstract nature of arbitrary FI numbers, compared to real life milestones like paying off their mortgage.

How to get ready for GDPR: 2018 data protection changes

A new set of data protection regulations are being rolled out across Europe in May 2018 that will potentially impact bloggers who capture and/or use personal information about their audience, including email or IP addresses.

Given the fines for getting this wrong can be up to €20m or 4% of global turnover it is worth assessing whether these new rules apply to you... your business may not be based in Europe, but some of your European readers will likely be covered by these regulations.

So what?

If you've finished all those and you still haven't reached the end of your commute then you really need to rethink your priorities! In case you missed it, here is one final recommendation for this week: How to get rich writing a personal finance blog


Physician on FIRE said...

Thanks for the mention, slow Dad!

Unfortunately, most fields don't have the situation that I enjoy - higher salaries in lower cost of living areas. In medicine, you can definitely use the discrepancies to your financial advantage.

Cheers from "flyover country"!

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