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Wednesday Wordsmiths: 2017-02-08

To help you mentally escape your commuter hell, here is the week’s collection of great reads from around the web.
Escape to your happy place with Wednesday Wordsmiths
A soul-destroying commute can suck the joy out of life.

Sardined on an overcrowded commuter train, gridlocked on the road to nowhere, or riding the bus while attempting to ignore that crazy old lady talking to her groceries… you are as far as can be from your “happy place”.

To help you mentally escape your commuter hell, here is this week’s collection of great reads from around the web.

Do you really own your home? Not if you’re a leaseholder

Merryn Somerset Webb writes about a troubling trend in the UK's new build housing developments, where unwary house purchasers are getting screwed by buying leasehold properties with high ongoing service charges and ground rents.

Where does it all go?

The Escape Artist describes how it is much easier to save money than make it, and hands out some tough love to help stem the financial bleeding.

Find the Balance: Pay Down Your Debt & Still Have a Life

Allea Grummert provides some great advice about the need to pace yourself towards your financial goals. Go too hard, live like a hermit, and risk burning out.

Stock Markets and the Rule of Law

Joshua M. Brown observes that one of there has long been a premium priced into US stock valuations that originates from confidence in the robustness and reliability of the US legal system. Given the current unpredictable political landscape he explores what happens to stock prices if this confidence wanes.

The Bridge to Financial Independence

The Finance Zombie looks at strategies to fund gap between early retirement and reaching the (increasing) traditional retirement age.

Why I never build capital growth into my plans

The man with great content, but hosted on the world's slowest website, Rob Dix discusses why he does not factor capital growth into his real estate plans, stating "hope is not a strategy". A somewhat controversial piece, given cash flow will pay for your groceries but capital growth is what will make you wealthy. Good advice, that unfortunately that calls into question my usage of lottery tickets to fund retirement funding.

Degree programs and high salaries: How much do you love money?

Steve weighs up the pros and cons of incurring student debt studying something you love, versus studying something that will open the doors to a high earning career and shorten the path to Financial Independence.

So what?

If you've finished all those and you still haven't reached the end of your commute then you really need to rethink your priorities! In case you missed it, here is one final recommendation for this week: Smoothing the ride through retirement.


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