Feeling lucky? You should be!

By Slow Dad - August 19, 2017

It may not feel like it, but the fact you are reading this means you are extremely lucky. Celebrate the small wins, and go do something amazing.
It may not feel like it, but the fact you are reading this post means you are extremely lucky.

Nature magazine published an article that estimates there are roughly “more than 10 billion terrestrial planets across our galaxy”. Assuming for a second that the crazy guy on the number 23 bus was mistaken when asserting that space aliens were using mobile phone signals to read his mind, that means you have already beaten the 140 million to one odds of winning this Friday’s Euromillions lottery draw.

Speaking of getting lucky, according to Oakland University when celebrating his happy ending your father would have fired off around 180 million little swimmers. Only one of those made it to the finishing line, resulting in you being conceived.

The NHS estimates that unfortunately “one in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage”. So aside from the occasional flesh eating zombie, heartless tax auditor, or brainless parking inspector the vast majority of readers are sufficiently alive to be classified amongst the remaining 80% who were lucky enough to be born.

The World Bank reports that approximately 85.316% of the global population aged 15 or over can “read and write a short, simple statement on their everyday life”. I must confess to being pleasantly surprised that statistic was so high, it means that by being able to read this you are in the lucky 85%.

According to the 2017 Digital Yearbook there are approximately 3.773 billion internet users globally, roughly 50% of the Earth’s population, of whom you are lucky enough to be one. Hopefully that figure doesn’t include my mother-in-law, as to say she can “use” the internet is a most heinous insult to Tim Berners-Lee’s magnificent creation.

Finally Google estimates they had indexed roughly 49 billion internet pages at the time of writing, and with all that choice you found this post.

For you to be here all of the above had to have happened! What are the odds of that? Well I could attempt to calculate them, but the result would absurd. Suffice to say you have a better chance of captaining the Gibraltarian football team to victory in the world cup, having kicked the match winning goal between Leonardo Da Vinci and Santa Claus, from the back of flying unicorn... all while yodelling the complete works of Dr Seuss in fluent Sumerian.

Not (just) because you get to experience my dubious writing talents. No, you’re even luckier than that.

Having established that it is pretty amazing you’re alive, literate, and web enabled the question is what are you doing with those amazing opportunities? A huge proportion of the world's population would love to trade places with you, not to mention some flesh eating zombies and mind reading space aliens!

So what?

It is fair to say compared to the majority of people you are winning at life. So quit worrying about savings rates, calculating net worth, fretting over market bubbles, or worrying about how many imaginary friends you have "following" you on the internet.

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  1. Hilarious. Thanks for making me smile. Besos Sarah.

  2. My pleasure Sarah, thanks for stoping by.