About me

The Cantankerous.Life blog began as the result of numerous conversations involving friends and colleagues, who wanted to bounce various personal finance related ideas and problems off me. They sought me out because I appeared to have my own personal finances in order, and they knew I’d provide an unvarnished impartial point of view about the situations they found themselves facing.

Over a period of time the same sorts of questions were arising frequently, as many of us struggle over the same sorts of financial issues. Eventually when such a question arose I started writing up a generic version of my thoughts and published them here.

The purpose of this was twofold. Firstly it gave the person I was talking to something to refer back to, summarising the main points of our conversation. Secondly it allowed me to tell subsequent people asking variations of the same question to “RTFM”, then talk with me about any follow up questions they may have.


Why should anybody listen to anything I have to say?

I believe that like anything in life, people should make their own minds up about things. Seeking out differing, at times disagreeable, points of view can help a person’s understanding of a situation and perhaps provide them with a perspective they had not previously considered. Always “trust, but verify”.

I am a lapsed Accountant, having made the leap into the world of technology once I realised that doing so would simultaneously increase the value of my time by more than 3x while also providing more flexible working conditions.

I am a non-practicing Financial Planner, having successfully completed the required qualifications but choosing not to be employed by a regulated firm.

I have been a permanent employee, but escaped once I realised this meant somebody else was choosing how I spent my working days, and the pace of my career progression.

I have been a freelancer, seeking out clients who face interesting challenges that I can make a meaningful contribution towards resolving. Not only was this rewarding, it was also lucrative.

I have been a home owner, but currently choose to rent while owning several investment properties because it makes more financial sense to do so.

I have been a stock picker, but concede that the low cost tracker funds I now predominantly invest in will deliver a better outcome over the longer term.

If you’re so smart why aren’t you retired already?

I reached financial independence before the age of 40. In much of the country, indeed the world, I would comfortably be considered financially independent long ago.

I currently live in an expensive part of a very expensive city, which moves the goal posts a bit further away than for many. Who doesn’t like a challenge!?!

I am married to a smart lady leading her own successful career, one she fully intends to continue until her mid 80s.

I have two young children, so on a daily basis live the balancing act between high savings rates and child care costs.

Thanks for visiting, I hope your visit has been educational.

An expensive neighbourhood in an extremely expensive city.

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